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Hire Disco lights and add atmosphere to your party

Disco lights, mirror balls and effect lighting creates a fun party atmosphere at any venue. Check out our Flame light for just $25 and our Disco coloured Rope light for $25. There's lots of innovated disco lighting at cost effective rental prices. We can make your venue look and feel like a night club in full swing!

Hire disco lights

We have a great range of disco lighting so order your hire lights today.

Par56Can - $25
If you are looking to light up a stage, or want to highlight a particular area then Par Cans are great. They come with a choice of a coloured gel or use without for a White effect.
Par cans to hire Auckland
LED Par56Can - $35
If you are looking to light up a stage, or want to highlight a particular area then Par Cans are great. The LED versions can be set to one colour, they are music activated they can be programmed to run through a series of colours and throw out hardly any heat. The cost is per Par can.
LED Par can to hire Auckland

Strobe - $25
Create amazing effects with this great Strobe light which is ideal for dance and garage music. This strobe omits pure white light which flashes and is speed controlled.

Bubble machine - $40
Turn this machine on and watch the bubbles float across the dance floor to the delgiht of your audience the kids will love it! Whatever the occasion a bubble machine will add atmoshphere to any party
Disco mirrorball - $40
Disco mirrorball is the ultimate in re-creating the disco fever theme. Comes complete with a 12" coloured mirror ball, pinspot and motor. Hang from the ceiling or use with a lights stand for an additional $10.
Smoke machine - $40
This Jungle smoke machine will add fun to any party! Easy to use as you simply push the button and within minutes you'll have a hazy atmosphere.

* Includes 1 Litre of smoke fluid

Blacklight 400W - $40
Step back in time and enjoy the disco era all over again! This light is great for illuminating white clothing. Makes everyone look really groovy! The power of this light will amaze you because it's so bright and great fun.
Moonflower - $45
Beams of coloured light will shoot across the dance floor as this light is sound activated. So, if you're dancing to a slow song this light can be adjusted to the tempo of the tune.
Minifestival - $45
Fantastic effects light which throws multi-coloured patterns across the dance floor. Sound activated and the whole circle of lightit emits rotates backwards and forwards
LED mushroom - $55
This versatile light is great for any situation. Ideal for small or large venues - this light will cope easily. Twin lamps spin inside the head unit to send coloured beams of light around the room.
Double derby - $55
The Double Derby is a powerful twin 300 Watt disco light that has a wide spread of light. If you are looking for a sound activated light that will fill up a large area then look no further! This is it!
Green laser - $55
Lasers are a funky way of making your party a little different. Single line patterns which can be set to be music activated or held on a single pattern. Add a smoke machine to see the full effect of these awesome lights. (patterns may vary to the one shown).
NEW LED firefly laser - $55
This new firefly laser light is sound activated and projects Green and Red lasers beams and patterns all around, because it's LED the brightness is very strong. This light will impress! Add a smoke machine and the effects will be even more spectacular.
Par56Can lighting package - $90
This ParCan lighting package is ideal for productions to light up a stage area, great for bands and promoting new product lines. Choice of coloured gels available. Includes 4 lights and stand.
Lighting package - $150
This is the most popular option, includes a T bar light stand, 2 disco lights, 1 laser, and a smoke machine, ideal for those that want to create the perfect effect for their disco.
T bar light stand - $10
Single light stand - $10

To really impress hire a illuminated dance floor as well!

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